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Texas born artist Teresa Bernard began painting at an early age under the instruction of her father Royce G. Phillips, now deceased. Her dad was a professional artist who painted oil paintings and also taught art classes in their hometown and the surrounding communities. He taught Teresa the love of art by teaching her how to paint. There aren't many artists who come from a succession of artists in their family and Teresa is one among those with this particular distinction. After the death of her father in her senior year of high school, Teresa continued her studies of the fine arts when she left home to attend college.

Teresa loves many art styles, but realism is her favorite. As a realism artist, her approach to art is to portray it realistically, meaning that her art is presented as it actually appears in real life. As such, she says "I'll never take a panting to the point that it looks like a photograph because there is a certain warmth and charm about an oil painting that actually looks like a painting." Teresa is an artist of a variety of genre of oil paintings. She enjoys painting landscapes, seascapes, still life, florals, spaceart and wildlife, as well as portraits. She doesn't specialize in one particular genre as she loves the challenge of painting whatever inspires her at the time. Through the years she has created a name for herself as an accomplished artist and sells her paintings all across America and around the world. Teresa's paintings can be found on her website "Bluemoon Original Oil Paintings". See link below.

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