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Randy P Durbin

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A New Orleans native and father of two, Randy Durbin has been in the office supply industry for over 25 years as a business owner, consultant, and corporate manager. He now owns one of the largest independent office supply companies in the US as well as a number of ecommerce sites including

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When discussing what makes an individual productive and how can he or she become more efficient, the ability to relax and truly rest should not be excluded from the conversation. With so much

Business > Human Resources l 2 years ago

Transforming your team from outside sales to telesales: The ability to adapt to the conditions we face may be the only thing that keeps us alive. During these troubled and changing times you must

Business > Sales Teleselling l 2 years ago

Identity Fraud is running rampant in the world today, are you safe? According to financial research, Identity fraud is the fastest growing crime in America, and is the #1 concern among consumers.

Legal> Identity Theft l 2 years ago

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