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Walter S. Frank has been the Chief Economist and Chief Investment Officer for Moneyletter for the past 25 years. He has had a long and distinguished career as an economist, financial advisor, and money manager. He has served as a consulting economist for several major commercial banks in the Greater Boston area.

Mr. Frank has been a consultant to the House of Representatives Banking and Currency committee and a contributor to many financial publications, including Barron's and The Economist magazine. He is a regular guest commentator in various media outlets, and is an active member of the Boston Security Analysts Society.

In addition to his responsibilities with Moneyletter, Mr. Frank serves as consulting economist for PRI Financial Advisors Inc. (PRI). PRI is a registered investment advisor and is the sole provider of the "Moneyletter Managed Account Program."

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When we came into this year, we expected the Chinese stock market to offer the next big opportunity for gains now that the U.S. market was rallying. We have been following China with that in mind. We

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The title we give to this article is our way of asking whether there are fundamental forces that are driving the rally or is the market just in a temporary phase that will shortly give way to another

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