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Jared D Silverstone

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Jared Silverstone is born in Bloominton, Indiana but has since relocated to the Philippines, running his own indie publishing consultancy. He has over a decade's experience helping writers publish independently through self-publishing. He advices authors on matters of writing, editing and marketing books independently. He also educates indie authors about the various publishing options available through AuthorHouse and regularly contributes to the AuthorHouse Writers Advice Center. He also maintains the blog Indie Book Adventures.

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If you want to improve your writing skills then practice is a good start. The more you write the better you become. Practice makes perfect, right? While that's certainly true it can sometimes be a

Book Reviews> Childrens Books l 2 years ago

Each year, the book industry publishes about a million titles. Aside from being Dan Brown or John Grisham, it can be a challenge to get you book noticed. Here's how you can fix this disadvantage by

Writing & Speaking> Book Marketing l 2 years ago

As counter intuitive as it may sound, giving away copies of your book can be the best book promotions tactic you can employ. Giving away premium gifts or bribes are a common marketing ploy that

Writing & Speaking> Book Marketing l 2 years ago

Your book's creative work doesn't end with your manuscript. Going through your self-publishing timetable, you will arrive at the point where you will have to reach out and collaborate with other

Writing & Speaking> Publishing l 2 years ago

Understanding the writer's market is an essential skill for traditionally published authors. This ensures your book gets past publication, and even more important, it will ensure your book gets sold.

Writing & Speaking> Book Marketing l 2 years ago

EBook publishing is accelerating by leaps and bounds and is poised to eclipse printed books. To understand this emerging publishing industry, it's important to be knowledgeable of how eBooks work.

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