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Becky J Downrose

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Becky Downrose is the Founder of the website: ("MAF"). Becky lives in London with her civil partner Elaine. Becky, Elaine and their co-parent to-be Lawrie are in the process of trying to start their own alternative family.

Outside of the website, Becky works freelance as a lawyer, loves travelling, cooking and eating good food, endurance sports, snowboarding, scuba diving and life in general!

About MAF: is an online portal and information resource for:

(1) People looking to BUILD alternative families, say by find and matching themselves with their perfect sperm donor, egg donor, or co-parent(s), or by accessing information in relation to such topics as adoption, foster parenting and surrogacy; and / or

(2) People looking to CONNECT with other alternative families, by finding other alternative families to meet up with locally, to read and share experiences with other alternative families, to seek and offer support, or just to chat....

MAF's Goals and Mission:

MAF aims to be the go-to place for alternative families and people wanting to build their own alternative families.

MAF aims to make life easier for alternative families and people wanting to build their own alternative families by providing a platform on which users can provide and access knowledge, advice and support.

With strength in numbers, MAF aims to give alternative families a voice in a world that can still be very prejudicial towards them and biased towards traditional 'nuclear' families.

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