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Robert Gafeney Jr.

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The business savvy and iconic founders behind Independent-Solution. FINDING THE RIGHT NETWORK-MLM-MARKETING OPPORTUNITY CREATING A LEGACY.

(Nestled In the Heart of Middle Georgia) is Mr. Robert &Tina Gafeney. Robert & Tina's vast experience in Network-MLM-Marketing team building, personal development, and entrepreneurship has allowed them to orchestrate a duplicable system that has garnered them recognition in numerous Network-MLM-Marketing business Associations and the esteemed recognition as Top Online Network-MLM-Marketers and 1 of the Top 10 Online Area Network-MLM-Marketing Trainers and Mentors. Robert & Tina are mentors and success coachs to numerous thriving Network-MLM-Marketing entrepreneurs. Coming from humble beginnings, Mr. Gafeney, along with his wife Tina and Team of Business Partners are creating an empire Thru Positive Visualization, Mental Acquisition, then Manifestation which has given people, no matter the circumstance, an opportunity to actualize their own success and take their Dreams back off the Shelves and Make Them Reality".

Many entrepreneurs envision success, but Robert & Tina Gafeney have captured its essence. Robert, along with his wife Tina, has cultivated an empire within their Network-MLM-Marketing industry that is being studied and observed by others seeking to emulate their systematic approach of team unity . Their company is called Independent-Solution, descriptive of the clarity of purpose one derives when money is removed as an issue of concern. Robert and Tina's are quintessential visionaries and a serviants to all. "People Helping People." and are on a Team Spirited Mission to empower others to acquire a clear road map to their outlined Success and Build a Legacy that will last Generation after Generation.

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