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Linda Barnby

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Discover the simple, proven techniques that attract clients to your business. Learn how to grow your profits and cut your work time in half.

Linda Barnby's National Association of Entrepreneurs helps you grow your business two ways:

1. Get weekly tips, guides, resources and more in your inbox. "Rich Life Happy Life" is the official newsletter of the National Association of Entrepreneurs. And you can subscribe to get your complimentary subscription at

2. Join or start an NAE CEO Mastermind Chapter in your town. It's easy and Linda and her team will help you jumpstart a successful chapter. As Chapter Director, you'll earn a nice side income as well as grow your own business! Here's what CEO Mastermind Chapter Members can expect from their membership:

- Your own "Board of Advisors" with experts in a variety of business backgrounds

- Tools to create and maintain your business and lifestyle goals

- Inspiration from successful entrepreneurs in diverse fields

- Resources you need to be successful

- Constant source of cutting edge strategies to improve your processes & profits

- Hands-on help to solve your business challenges

- Strategic partners and advisors you meet with every two weeks over lunch

- Personal relationships with influential CEOs and business leaders


Founded by attorney Linda Barnby, the National Association of Entrepreneurs acts as a trusted "Board of Advisors" and provides training, resources and strategic partnerships to solo and small business owners and professionals.

The NAE's mission is to help you create your business to support a lifestyle of freedom, creativity, passion and financial security through entrepreneurship.


As a business coach, Linda mentors small business owners and professionals on branding, marketing, internet marketing, social media, strategic partnering, legal issues, business structure, time management and team building.

As an author, Linda writes frequent articles on business topics. She is the editor and publisher of "Rich Life Happy Life, The Entrepreneur's Guide", an inbox magazine.

As a practicing attorney, Linda uses her marketing skills to successfully promote her own professional law practice in Florida.

Linda served as Chair of the Solo and Small Firm Section of The Florida Bar where her focus was to train solo and small firm practitioners to market their practices.

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