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While there may not be anything wrong with being common, it certainly is also not a sign of distinction or achievement. However, it often appears that many have as their primary goal and objective

Self Improvement> Positive Attitude l 2 years ago

We have all heard the many adages about how winning or being a winner is dependent on persistence and perseverance. However, most of us treat that adage as empty rhetoric, and simply avoid situations

Self Improvement> Positive Attitude l 2 years ago

We all get angry at one time or another. Some people permit that anger to control them, and they get so absorbed in being angry that they suffer some sort of action paralysis, while others use that

Self Improvement> Anger Management l 2 years ago

Positive leadership does not mean leading with blinders on, or being a Polyanna personality, or refusing to accept reality, or refusing to recognize, perhaps, that something needs improvement.

Self Improvement> Leadership l 2 years ago

Having successfully negotiated many hundreds of contracts over more than the last three decades, I have often observed numerous negotiating techniques and philosophies. Perhaps the poorest model has

Business > Negotiation l 2 years ago

Regardless of one's definition of success, or being a success, or being successful, it always must begin with an individual's attitude and thought processes. One of the greatest stumbling blocks that

Self Improvement> Success l 2 years ago

Many people think they know how to negotiate. However, in a large percentage of cases, these individuals end up being ill-prepared, rarely achieving anywhere near optimum results. This is especially

Business > Negotiation l 2 years ago

In well over thirty years of working closely with hundreds of not- for- profit organizations, and hundreds of more for profit businesses, I have observed that one of the major weaknesses is in the

Business > Non Profit l 2 years ago

While success means different things to different people, most people state that being successful is important to them. For more than three decades, I have had people attend my seminars, seeking some

Self Improvement> Success l 2 years ago

Quality leadership often appears to be a lost art. We observe fewer and fewer leaders who seem to emphasize the essential basics of being an effective and productive leader, preferring to simply be

Self Improvement> Leadership l 2 years ago

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