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Christopher Hecker

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Member since: Mar 01, 2012

Christopher is the owner and writer of Internet Security 101, a site on Internet security and privacy.

Christopher is a 38 year old male, who lives in beautiful Victoria, BC Canada.

Christopher's interest in internet security and privacy began a few years ago, when his PC became infected with a computer virus. All of a sudden his computer seemed to develop a mind of its own, rebooting constantly or freezing to a "black screen of death". His operating system, which at the time was Windows ME, slowed to a crawl. Oddly enough Christopher's anti-virus program mysteriously turned itself off as well. Finally, he reinstalled his anti-virus software, discovering that his computer had been infected with a nasty virus. Unfortunately, he cannot remember what virus his PC was infected with, but he ended up having to reformat his hard drive.

In his spare time Christopher enjoys the Internet, learning, movies, documentaries, reading, writing, blogging, playing the Clarinet in two community bands, traveling, cycling, and walking.

Christopher is passionate about learning and sharing his knowledge with others through his Internet security and privacy blog.

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