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Mark Baber

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Mark Baber has over 20 years experience as Executive Search recruiter and recruit trainer, with placement background in industries as varied as: Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Sales, Accounting/Finance, MIS/IT, Logistics, Petro/Chemical, and others; and has enjoyed client relationships with major firms like WalMart, OfficeDepot, Texaco, Circle K, major hospital systems, and many local, regional, national organizations.

Mark Baber has written many articles on the topic of personal job search, those having been published to benefit of readers through out the USA and in over thirty countries around the world. Mark completed two books on personal job search techniques and strategies, designed to guide job candidates to find career level employment.

Prior to recruiting, Mark was Managing Editor to "Treatment Today Magazine," a healthcare publication reporting on psychology, psychiatry, counseling, and drug & alcohol and other addiction and family counseling type treatments; Mark held the same title for the "Ohio Health Guide," a consumer based health directory distributed in the midwest of the USA.

Mark studied at both the University of Texas and Sinclair College, with focus on Communications, Business, and Journalism.

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Welcome to the 21st century, where the job interview process has stretched from an average of a couple weeks to a month, in the 20th century, to a few weeks to months, for some jobs now. A process

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