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Rick A Conlow

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Rick Conlow is co-founder and CEO/Senior Partner with WCW Partners, Inc.

Rick makes your goals his goals-his leadership consulting skills inspire engagement and intentional change.

There aren't many who'd argue the fact that Rick is one enthusiastic guy. Even the titles of his training programs reflect his drive and positive energy.

A quick glance at his professional resume leaves you with the strong impression that effort and optimism are a winning combination. Case in point: With Rick by their side, clients achieved double- and triple-digit improvement in their sales performance, quality, customer loyalty and service results over the past 20-plus years and earned more than 30 quality and service awards.

In a day and age where optimism and going the extra mile can sound trite, Rick has made them a differentiator. His clients include organizations that are leaders in their industries, as well as others that are less recognizable. Regardless, their goals are his goals.

Rick's life view and extensive background in sales and leadership - as a general manager, vice president, training director, program director, national sales trainer and consultant - are the foundation of his coaching, training and consulting services. Participants in Rick's experiential, "live action" programs walk away with ah-has, inspiration and skills they can immediately put to use.

His most popular speeches include "BEST Selling!", "Moments of Magic!", "Excellence in Management!", "SuperSTAR Service and Selling!", "The Greatest Secrets of all Time!", and "SuperSTAR Leadership-good boss or bad boss which one are you?"

Rick has authored eleven books including SuperSTAR Leadership Model-good boss bad boss which one are you, Excellence in Management, Excellence in Supervision, Returning to Learning, SuperSTAR Customer Service, Achieving Supervisory Excellence, Handling Difficult People, Creating High Performance Teamwork and Moments of Magic.

When he's not engaging an audience or engrossed in a coaching discussion, this proud husband and father is most likely astride a weight bench or motorcycle, taking on the back roads and highways of Minnesota.

Bottom line for Rick is: enthusiasm meets results! For more information contact or 888-313-0514.

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