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Gretchen Jack

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I have struggled with the "sugar devil" my whole life. I have struggled with my weight ever since quitting smoking at the age of 38. Being stubborn and determined, I even began working at the world's largest weight loss company leading meetings to make sure I kept it the weight off.

It was only after I left that company that the "light bulb" as to the source of my problem went off.  When it did, everything became very clear to me. I finally saw that my sugar consumption was at the root of it all.

My 10 years of experience in weight loss counseling, paired with my sociology degree in behavior modification, gives me unique skills in helping others reach their goals.

I worked up a plan that would address both physical and food issues, not just weight. When it worked for all my friends as well as me.... I knew I had to share it with the world. And thus, my internet experience began.

Weight Loss is hard. Learning all this computer stuff is harder. Now, if only I could find the "easy" button! And learn how to communicate and share my knowledge and help others have a healthier life.

I do love helping people achieve their weight loss and health goals. I coach and create food plans to help real women over 50 conquer their sugar cravings and therefore their pounds. I can show you how to help yourself stay healthy and out of the doctor's offices.

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Today begins the first day of Lent that many of my Christian friends use as a catalyst to get off sugar. At least for the short them. This helps motivate them to get off the sugar and give their

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