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Rashida Lambert

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I live in color. When I was a child, I loved to paint and was drawn in by the colors: plain, simple, vibrant and clear. In high school, I wondered what the point was of being constrained by a canvas, and I started to color my own hair, face, & body.

After attaining the skills to work in skin care and makeup from the Von Lee International esthetic school, I moved to D.C., took a job as an esthetician, and enrolled in the Graham Webb Academy of cosmetology. During that time I worked as a freelance makeup and hair assistant to explore that area of the industry. This gave me the opportunity to work on photo shoots for catalogs, trunk and runway shoes, and events. I was exposed to what it takes behind the scenes to display style and beauty. I learned so much and that was just the beginning. I was in love.

I like to laugh and enjoy my clients and I am grateful to those around me who give me a chance to do my thing. Nothing gives me the excitement, energy or the same freedom as creating for my clients.

People make the best canvas.

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