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Tanielle Thomas

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Tanielle Thomas is an inspirational Singles Coach who is passionate about helping singles build inner strength and love being themselves, knowing that this will give them the confidence they need to step onto the dating scene and attract their soul mate.

Tanielle started out her career with a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and 9 years experience working with children and families.

After spending a number of years on the single scene herself (7 to be exact!), Tanielle then decided to follow her passion and work with single men and women who were wanting something more. Those who are ready to clean the slate, dispose of old baggage and improve their relationship with self in order to attract their perfect partner.

Tanielle founded, where she uses a combination of Life Coaching and NLP techniques to help her clients transform and achieve their relationship dreams.

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'Men only want one thing... I'm hopeless when it comes to dating... It just wasn't meant to happen for me.' I often hear these types of declarations from new clients, and while they seem like

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