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Meghan E Witham

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I enjoy blogging and writing both professionally and personally. With a background in yoga, I am always seeking that balance in life with work, fun, movement, stillness, writing, reading, speaking and listening. I will be sharing a lot of articles on pest control, I have quickly become the "expert" on bugs, something I never thought would happen but I find myself really enjoying!

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Many expecting mothers are faced with making decisions to protect themselves and their baby during pregnancy. A pest control service is just one of the many things that a woman has to decide whether

Home Improvement> Pest Control l 2 years ago

We all know how unpleasant mosquitoes can make life. Quickly, an outdoor event can become a nightmare if mosquitoes decide to invade. They generally send us running off, swatting our arms all over

Home Improvement> Pest Control l 2 years ago

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