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Beverleigh H Piepers

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From a very young age my caring, nursing instincts were obvious ... they even extended to caring for our neighbor's cat. My mother was, to say the least, horrified to find I had tossed my dolls out of their pram and placed a bandaged cat in their place. I must say the cat enjoyed being wheeled around as he made no effort to escape. He just lay there and went to sleep! I loved it!

And yes I did become a Registered Nurse, registered in Australia and the United States. I principally have been involved in Chronic Care ... from Pediatrics through to Oncology. I have also been involved in Chemical Dependency Counseling and Life Coaching.

The common thread has always been working with people as they face difficulties and/or chronic illness.

Diabetes featured strongly through my career ... in Pediatrics, Type 1 predominated. And then there were times I came across young adults who had also just been diagnosed with Type 1. Until approximately 10 years ago, Type 1 Diabetes held the number one position where diabetes is concerned, and then gradually Type 2 took over, and now look how it predominates in chronic health conditions!

Many times I nursed Diabetics, not just with one leg amputation, but two! Naturally, I had the opportunity to talk with Type 2's and became appalled at how their condition was being handled and how confused they seemed to be about drugs, diet and blood sugar levels.

Diabetes and insulin have featured strongly in my nursing life, even when working in Oncology. Little did I know diabetes would feature even more strongly in my life.

In 2008 I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic ... I am 5'6 and 128lbs ... not the more common build for this condition. Hence my really personal involvement with Type 2 ... now my blood sugar levels are normal (phew!) and without drugs!

I have found there is so much contradictory, confusing information around for people with Type 2 to absorb. So armed with quite a lot of knowledge, and a lot more that I have learned since 2008, I decided to focus as a Health Coach to Type 2 Diabetics, to help them discover exactly what they should know and what they could be doing to heal their body and their life.

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