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Dan Hoffmann

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After completing my education in Dramatic Writing in 2001, I quickly began to serve the Danish and European film Industry as a Scriptdoctor. I have been a scriptdoctor on more than 60 projects, ranging from award winning feature films to documentaries and television programs. As a side effect of this work, the Danish TV2 channel - Denmark's second largest TV channel covering the entire nation, invited me to become their mentor in 2005 and supervise the development of their series. Parallel to all this, I have been teaching graduate screenwriting at Denmark's second largest Film School. Quite a few of my students have sold their screenplays to established studios. Currently, I am commissioned by the Danish Production Company, Fine & Mellow, to write a screenplay for a feature length thriller based on real events.

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Not all stories take off. From their initial conception, some are doomed to stagnate. This article explains how to test your story's potential before you even begin writing it.

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