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Nicole Bandes

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Nicole Bandes is the best selling author of Positivity on Purpose: Intentionally Create More Abundance, Wealth and Happiness and holds a degree in Psychology from Northern Arizona University. Her honors include President of Psi Chi (National Honor Society for Psychology) and graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Nicole began her journey over 30 years ago when, as a young child, she decided she wanted to own her own business. Coming from a working parent background where the belief was to get a good job and work till you retire (if lucky), this was a little unusual.

Nicole has spent several years attempting to discover who she was and why she was here. She always knew she was meant for greater things than what she was doing. Nicole struggled with self esteem, confidence and direction in her life. But, through many years of self discovery, education and personal development she has found her path and now she wants to help others find theirs. Nicole wants to show others how what you believe doesn't have to control you if you don't want it to.

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Communication is tricky. It's a little bit of what is being said, a little bit what is being shown (with the body) and even a little bit what isn't being said or shown.

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