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Nick Terrone

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Nick has an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Psychology and has worked in the therapeutic industry for many years. He is trained in Neuro Lingustic Programing and Kinesiology. He has received intensive training from The Demartini Institute, Landmark Education and Michael E Gerber. As well as helping people Quit Cigarettes as a board certified Hypnotherapist, he has also devoted much of himself to the study of human behavior, meditation, quantum mechanics and the science of spirituality and who we really are. For many years he has had a deep interest in the Law of Attraction and it's application from a scientific perspective. He now teaches this powerful law via interactive workshops and combines science, spirituality and entrepreneurship to help clearly uncover the mysteries of what lay behind what we believe to be 'real'.

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Over the years as we have become more and more enlightened, we have put a nice spin to the old statement of "money is the root of all evil". Most of us don't really believe that these days, so we've

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