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Trish Haill

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Trish Haill has a range of experience in a number of subjects. Specialising in Change Management and IT based Business Transformation projects, Trish enjoys travel, horse riding, reading and researching. Trish has a number of information websites where she hopes others gain from her research, knowledge and experience.

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Baby bearded dragons are common in pet shops nowadays. This article explains how to care for a baby bearded dragon so that it grows up happy and healthy.

Pets> Exotic l 2 years ago

Many people buy two bearded dragons in the mistaken belief that one living alone will be lonely. This is wrong, and goes against how they live in the wild. Caring for a bearded dragon means

Articles Categories> Pets l 2 years ago

The three highest peaks in the UK can all be climbed by people who are relatively fit and who have the will power to reach the top. Although trod by many thousands of people each year, these walks

Travel & Leisure> Destination Tips l 2 years ago

Forums that are well run are active and good at attracting new members. The Administrator must be prepared to put in the time to make sure that the right people join (not Spammers!) and that the

Internet Businesses> Forums l 2 years ago

What food is necessary to keep a bearded dragon happy and healthy? Bearded dragons have different food requirements at different stages of their lives from being almost complete carnivorous at birth,

Pets> Reptiles Amphibians l 2 years ago

Bearded Dragons are relatively easy to keep as long as you bear in mind their requirements. They are cold blooded reptiles which originate from the hot Australian desert. They live in very dry

Pets> Reptiles Amphibians l 2 years ago

At 1,344 metres high Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Scotland as well as being Britain's highest peak. For many walkers this is the ultimate mountain to climb. Climbing Ben Nevis and reaching

Travel & Leisure> Hiking Backpacking l 2 years ago

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