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Denise Beresford

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I gave up my life as an accountant because I believe the the pen is indeed mightier than the calculator. Money may make the world go round but language and communication is the blood of life.

The Internet is a global encyclopedia and it is the duty of every web writer to inform and engage. SEO is but a buzzword invented by marketeers to charge for writing services. Content still has to be read by humans.

Rankings are vital but customers are people and their feelings and emotions should be cajoled, caresssed and indulged.

I write for companies and businesses that have imagination in their customer offer and occasionally I write for the sheer pleasure of making words sing.

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It is common knowledge that rampant overfishing (whaling) in the 18th - 20th centuries nearly drove many whale species to extinction. While whaling certainly existed prior to this, technological

Reference & Education> Wildlife l 2 years ago

South Africa is one of the world's favourite destinations for whale watching. Whether in the Cape Peninsula or at places like Mossel Bay, Knysna or Plettenberg Bay, they all offer the most incredible

Reference & Education> Wildlife l 2 years ago

Conservation of all wildlife has become a universal priority. This is due primarily to the exploitation by the human race in serving their own diverse interests; from killing for self-indulgent

Reference & Education> Wildlife l 2 years ago

Unfortunately, risks of litigation are growing steadily, with society now having a new love; prosecuting for the slightest problem. Charities are not immune to this despite their ethical standing.

Insurance> Commercial l 2 years ago

Online press releases have now become a highly popular medium of promoting new products, services and even celebrities. The result has been a sudden influx of new writers eager to share in the

Business > Press Releases l 2 years ago

It is usual for insurers to design policies for specific applications and this is applicable for commercial minibus insurance. This is because the needs and requirements differing significantly

Insurance> Commercial l 2 years ago

The Engine Control Module (ECM) is an integral part of the car. The ECM is in fact the brain of the car and is required to keep the car in good working order. This is why it's important to know how

Automotive> Mobile Audio Video l 2 years ago

Auto computers are found in nearly all cars on the road. They are imperative for controlling the inner workings of the car, and they can even be useful for helping mechanics to diagnose what's wrong

Automotive> Mobile Audio Video l 2 years ago

Payment Protection Insurance is receiving a huge amount of attention in the UK after the Government ruled that many policies had been issued illegally. Millions of people having taken out PPI are

Insurance> Supplemental l 2 years ago

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