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Shelley M Rock

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I am a health professional with a personal interest in eczema. This has been a skn condition which has affected my family members, and we have been able to keep it under control, by taking simple actions.

My mission is to share these simple actions with people who suffer from eczem, in the hope that they will find somthing useful in them.

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Dyshidrotic eczema is a form of eczema which affects the hands and the feet. It was once thought to be cause by excessive sweating of the hands. It is now known that irritation of the skin on the

Health & Fitness> Eczema l 2 years ago

The rash of eczema comes about because there is an allergic reaction to something a person has come into contact with and this manifest as a skin rash. The substances or conditions that cause the

Health & Fitness> Eczema l 3 years ago

Adult eczema is of two main types. These are a contination of atopic eczema of childhood; and adult onset eczema. Adult onset eczema occurs as a result of acquired changes to the immune system. It

Health & Fitness> Eczema l 3 years ago

Atopic dermatitis is a type of eczema where the skin reacts easily and abnormally to environmental allergens, irritants and foods. It occurs mainly in children and is unlikely to occur in anyone over

Health & Fitness> Eczema l 3 years ago

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