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Jeffrey Murrah

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Driven by a love of knowledge, psychology, archeology and history, Jeff enjoys traveling to unique places. Besides writing and homeschooling his three sons, Jeff is a professional counselor and public speaker by vocation, working with couples and families since 1981. His counseling website contains articles on family, and parenting issues. A second site focuses on helping couples save their marriages and recover from affairs (SurviveYourPartnersAffair) a third focuses on helping therapist market their practice. Prior to going into private practice, he worked in many psychiatric and medical/surgical hospitals in the Houston area. He has also worked with chemical dependency treatment and homeless shelter facilities.

In addition to counseling, Jeff also taught psychology courses at San Jacinto College. His experiences working with people and teaching provided him with a broad knowledge base that he shares with people through his articles on family and marriage related issues. His articles have an international distribution. He has been featured on Wall Street Journal Radio and the Larry Elder Show. His articles have been featured as part of the Parent University program of the Pasadena Independent School District.

One of his hobbies is researching and writing about history. His love of Texas history and Southern culture led him becoming an award winning author with two award winning books, None But Texians: A History of Terry's Texas Rangers, (winner: 2002 Summerfield G. Roberts Award for the Best Book on Texas and Texans during the Civil War) and Texans Always Move Them: A True History of Texas (winner of the 2007 Presidio La Bahia Award). He was named the official historian for the Terry's Texas Rangers re-enactment group which were featured in such movies as "The Postman", "The Patriot", "Gettysburg" and "Ride with the Devil". Jeff's love of history has also led to his chasing down the Texas embassy locations in European capitols and being commissioned an Admiral in the Texas Navy by Governor Rick Perry for his accomplishments. His travel and research have culminated in his latest history book, Texans Always Move Them: A True History of Texas. The book debuted at the ceremony marking the 100th Anniversary of the Terry's Texas Ranger Monument at the State Capitol.

His other published writings include a his book, How to Cope with A Cheating Spouse, Why Wasn't I Enough and Learning to Trust After the Affair.

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