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Taniya Ellison

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Single work at home mom of 4 kids. Cooking is my favorite thing to do with my hands. I like to put my own recipes together. My kids are my taste tester. I have been told by family and friends I give good advice. I am a very easy person to talk to. I don't judge people for their mistakes. I just try to help fix them. I want ti eventually write a book on my life. I tell you things that has happened in my life I thought only happens on t.v.

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Life can bring about a lot of obstacles. My kids and I never thought that one of those obstacles would lead us to being homeless and without family.

Relationships> Conflict l 2 years ago

Getting an order of protection is the best thing a person can do when they are getting abused. It a way to stay safe. This is a way to obtain one.

Relationships> Domestic Violence l 2 years ago

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