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Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

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Dr. Jeanne King helps individuals and professionals in healthcare break the cycle of abuse and heal the wounds of relationship violence. She is a 25-year seasoned psychologist, published author and leading expert in identifying the subtle communication patterns of abusive relationships.

Dr. King serves as a consulting expert in criminal and civil cases of family violence, and offers keynotes and training for government and healthcare organizations nationwide. She has been featured in dozens of newspapers and appeared on numerous radio and TV talk shows across the country. Her work is known as the bridge between psychology, healthcare and domestic abuse advocacy.

Dr. King received the Heart of Gold Award 2006 for outstanding humanitarian contribution by T Harv Eker Peak Potentials Training in recognition for her work in domestic abuse education with healthcare professionals.

Her groundbreaking book All But My Soul: Abuse Beyond Control has been used as a college textbook in criminal justice and has helped thousands of people break the cycle of abuse and reclaim a life of peace, dignity and respect. Dr. King developed the Intimate Partner Abuse Screen ®, which is an assessment tool that makes detection of intimate partner violence more expedient and accurate in both professional and personal use.

Dr. King earned her doctorate degree in Psychology from Northwestern University. She was founding director of the Chicago Center for the Treatment of Pain and Stress, and past president of the Illinois Biofeedback Society. Before shifting her focus to helping abuse survivors and their advocates, she pioneered the Biofeedback and Stress Reduction Program ®, conducted in hospitals with thousands of patients for the treatment of pain, stress and illness.

Her shift in professional focus from bio-behavioral medicine to domestic abuse advocacy was precipitated by her own personal encounter with family violence and the legal abuse syndrome. Instead of letting the tragedy of her own losses define her, she chose to turn the crash into a crusade and inspire her to help others.

Dr. King formed a nonprofit charitable organization Partners in Prevention to carry out her vision of bridging healthcare and domestic abuse advocacy. Partners in Prevention helps physicians and nurses nationwide to recognize domestic abuse and develop clinical skills to effectively interface, and intervene, with patients who are victims of violence.

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