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Ben J Stone

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A retired Engineer working in the tower industry, Ben Stone is a truly innovative designer that has focused and developed tilt tower systems available internationally. Deciding to work within the current tilt tower plans to create a completely new format, Ben Stone has offered an alternative tower solution to both the tower and HAM radio operators internationally.

Ben is an avid believer in alternative energy and believes through development and design, a system can be built and maintained both for sustainability without need for typical energy sources, but for an eco-friendly option to currently surpass the traditional methods of fuel based living.

By using traditional methods of engineering and alternative sources of energy, Tilt Towers was born. Created from the ideal structures worldwide, Ben devised a tower unlike any other, a tower that has the ability to be accessed on the ground. This new concept has helped thousands of people achieve the dream of owning and operating wind turbines with only minimal space needed.

With a desire to help the world understand the benefits and truly remarkable capabilities alternative energy possesses, Ben Stone undertakes the enlightening journey of finding, understanding and following some of the most eco-friendly alternatives currently available.

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Often times we overlook the simple technologies we have in our lives, taking them for granted - until the day hits and they no longer work. When technologies fail, chaos can ensue creating panic,

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