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Shyam A Sunder

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Proficient in writing, finance, humor and some other characteristics that make life fun---well omitting finance, of course which is dry as mummy's bones! I have authored a book on American humor, written skits, articles, books and plays in English and 4 Indian languages. My motto in life is---if you have to worry, first try worrying others!! You will live a lot happier, if not longer.

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Most people do not realize that unlike health insurance, dental insurance usually offer very poor coverage. This article gives you some tips on what to look for in a dental insurance plan.

Insurance> Dental l 2 years ago

As world turns more global, so do relationships, particularly those between a man and a woman. This article shares some tips for understanding the limits and standards of social behavior.

Relationships> Cross Cultural l 2 years ago

Domestic violence is not only widespread, it is on the rise. Unfortunately, it is also many times subtle. How to spot it? This article tells you how. It defines behavior traits of an abuser, the

Relationships> Domestic Violence l 2 years ago

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