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Robert William Locke

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Robert is a health enthusiast specializing in children's health and has written extensively on ADHD, parenting, mental health, anxiety and depression. He is the top ranking author in mental health at Ezine Articles and comes second in the parenting category. After a long career in Italy in teaching and management with the British Council, he was awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II for outstanding achievement in December 2005. He still lives in Italy where he writes and teaches.

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There is a shocking report in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology which says basically that attention deficit disorder testing is conducted on an instinctive basis rather than strictly

Health & Fitness> Mental Health l 2 years ago

Did you know that ADHD treatment without meds is often criticized and even derided? People seem to underestimate the importance of good parenting, a well organised home and above all the food that

Health & Fitness> Mental Health l 2 years ago

We all have our ups and downs so how do we know if we are really suffering from mood swings? If we are, then we want to know what are the best natural mood stabilizers that we can take, without going

Health & Fitness> Mood Disorders l 2 years ago

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