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Hello, I'm Dave Healey and have been involved in specialist car insurance underwriting at Lloyds for over twenty years. Nowadays I devote my time to writing articles about the trends within the Car Insurance market and the UK General Insurance market.

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Cleaning up after a disaster that strikes a business can be time consuming and expensive cost. Most commercial insurance policies offer cover for debris removal and fees for professional advice

Insurance> Commercial l 2 years ago

It is exactly 100 years since the pride of the White Star Line, the RMS Titanic, hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean and sank with the loss of over 1500 lives. The centenary has prompted many

Insurance> Watercraft l 2 years ago

If you own or lease a shop premises or retail outlet, it essential to have the correct security in place to deter thieves. All insurance companies when offering shop insurance to retailers will

Insurance> Commercial l 2 years ago

If you employ a tradesman to carry out any sort of work on your property it is essential that you check that they have the adquate liability insurance cover in place. Failure to check whether a

Insurance> Commercial l 2 years ago

Most of us know how much we earn each month in wages or a salary, but have you ever taken the time to sit down and calculate exactly how much household expenditure you have each month? Income

Articles Categories> Insurance l 2 years ago

If you own a second property that is let for rent you will require what is known as a residential landlords insurance policy. This type of insurance provides coverage for risks that might cause

Insurance> Commercial l 2 years ago

Choosing the correct commercial insurance for your business needs can be daunting enough even for a seasoned businessman or negotiator. For a start up enterprise ensuring that the business has full

Insurance> Commercial l 2 years ago

If you have anything that your local insurance broker or online market cannot insure, then you will usually be referred to a broker or managing agent who has access to Lloyds of London. Lloyds is an

Insurance> Commercial l 2 years ago

If you run or own a business or any commercial enterprise, no matter the type of activity in which you are engaged you will need some type of business insurance protection. Before you buy any cover

Insurance> Commercial l 2 years ago

If you are a plumber then it is essential that you have at the very least, plumbers public liability insurance in place. Without public liability insurance in force a plumber is wide open to being

Insurance> Commercial l 2 years ago

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