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Sheryse G Currey

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I have been in the telemarketing and business marketing industry since 1998, I worked my way up to be a general manager of a telemarketing operation by the age of 21 years old and then became a Director at the age of 25. From there at the age of 26 I officially opened my own marketing company which I was able to incorporate all of my experience as well as my own ideas on business marketing to ensure a high quality business marketing service at a standard I could be proud of. My business Data Rich Australia is a one stop marketing shop, we offer tools for those looking to conduct their own inhouse marketing such as telemarketing lists etc. And also offer all kinds of business marketing services from sms marketing through to telemarketing.

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Many business owners feel it would be easy enough to set up an in house telemarketing operation, even with just a few staff it can be quite costly once you calculate wages, Telco costs, and time

Business > Sales Teleselling l 2 years ago

This article focuses on the topic of understanding the difference between customers and buyers. The importance of this and how to implement it to your businesses marketing efforts.

Business > Sales Teleselling l 2 years ago

Okay, so you're a small business owner looking to utilize telemarketing for your business. Do you intend to outsource or conduct in house telemarketing? This article will give you some tips and

Business > Sales Teleselling l 2 years ago

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