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Since 2000, Click Industries has been helping thousands of small business owners, independent entrepreneurs, writers, and musicians start new businesses, protect their intellectual property, and make their businesses grow.

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A cease and desist letter is a low-cost alternative to a time-consuming and potentially costly lawsuit, if someone is using your copyrighted materials without permission. Let's look at how to write a

Legal> Copyright l 2 years ago

Copyright registration is voluntary -- you don't NEED to register in order to be protected by copyright law -- but there are very good reasons to officially register with the US Copyright Office.

Legal> Copyright l 2 years ago

Getting a business trademark is a little more complicated than slapping a symbol on your product and calling it yours -- you want to make sure you're properly protecting your own trademark, while

Legal> Trademarks l 2 years ago

A trademark is a symbol, sign, or other signifier used to uniquely identify a service or product in connection with a certain brand, company, person, or other legal organization. In this article,

Legal> Trademarks l 2 years ago

Copyright protection is afforded to books, movies, music, photographs, and a wide variety of other creative expressions of an idea -- but did you know that vessel hull designs and architectural works

Legal> Copyright l 2 years ago

The decision to close or sell your business, as a small business owner, can be a painful one; you've poured your heart and soul into it, made it grow, and kept it running. But there are times when

Business > Small Business l 2 years ago

When quoting song titles or lyrics, it's not always clear when you're required to ask permission from the original author. This article takes a closer look at song titles and lyrics and how they

Legal> Copyright l 2 years ago

"Real person fiction" is extremely popular these days -- but popularity doesn't make it legal. Let's look at a few aspects of using celebrities in books or novels to try to clear up the

Legal> Intellectual Property l 2 years ago

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