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Sergei Tokmakov

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Attorney Tokmakov takes pride in being fully committed to representing the best interests of his clients, both domestic and international. He engages in the general practice of law, while specializing in Business Law, Employment Law, Bankruptcy and Estate Planning. He has worked at two law firms, a software company, and an office of a Bankruptcy Trustee.

Sergei is an avid photographer, and resides in his favorite city in the world, San Diego, California. Enjoys cooking and counseling small businesses.

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Copyright protects your original work of expression, such as an article, website, software, cookbook, song or a painting from unauthorized use by others. You get the exclusive rights to sell,

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Trademark is a brand name. This is how your customers will identify your business and the quality of its service or products. You can register your business name, logo, and your product names. For

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