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Hayden B Barrett

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As the owner of Blue South Translation for Business, Hayden specializes in translations for New Zealand and Australian businesses and exporters. Hayden has close to ten years experience in providing excellent customer services in various industries for clients and customers around New Zealand. As a business person himself, Hayden understands the needs of business customers and he provides the results businesses need � the highest quality translations, on time, on budget, with minimum fuss. A clear demonstration of Haydens commitment to delivering the best quality translations is the fact that Blue South is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Hayden has a background in Electrical Engineering with many years of experience in the engineering industry. He has successfully established, owned and operated several businesses in Christchurch, New Zealand, with a strong emphasis on customer service, and has an excellent understanding of business translation requirements.

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The printing of information on a commercial scale relies heavily on accurate proofing and appropriate typesetting. With such a large level of output, mistakes in the design process can cause

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When going into business in a foreign country that communicates in another language you will inevitably need to carry out document translation. This process may sound simple, but has the potential to

Business > International Business l 2 years ago

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