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Irene Lizarraga

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Irene has been writing online for several years, focusing on web related topics such as SEO, Social media, web design and development and marketing.

After writing for many content sites such as Hubpages, Infobarrel or Suite101 she decided that having her own website was much more fun. She believes firmly that the Internet is full of opportunities for small businesses owners and created Going Online UK as a platform to share her knowledge and help others leverage all that the Internet has to offer for business.

She runs her own copywriting business at Copywriting For SEO, and is available to take on new projects.

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Ant farms have become a popular accessory on most homes, but in order to ensure the health and safety of its occupants it's extremely important to remember that ants are living beings, not just a

Pets> Insects Arachnids l 2 years ago

While it is true that an ant is not likely to climb on the sofa and cuddle with you, or answer when called by its name, thanks to the invention of ant farms they can be considered pets. An ant farm

Pets> Insects Arachnids l 2 years ago

Marble countertops are among the most valued and expensive kitchen surfaces. It's a natural stone, and as such is porous and requires sealing to make it suitable for use as a kitchen surface. One of

Home Improvement> Kitchen Improvements l 2 years ago

Formica countertops are made of a thin layer of plastic material, the laminate, attached to a base of plywood or other materials using glue. They are among the most popular cheap countertops, and

Home Improvement> Kitchen Improvements l 2 years ago

Resurfacing your countertops is a much cheaper alternative to replacing them, and if you are a DIY enthusiast some countertops can be resurfaced with tools and materials found on most large DIY

Home Improvement> Kitchen Improvements l 2 years ago

Granite countertops are one of the most valuable and popular choices of high-end kitchen surfaces. However, coupled with the price of materials, the cost of installing granite countertops can be high

Home Improvement> Kitchen Improvements l 2 years ago

Certain types of countertops such as those made of natural stone have a reputation for being fairly expensive, and as such out of budget for most DIY enthusiasts attempting a kitchen remodelling

Home Improvement> Kitchen Improvements l 2 years ago

If you are on the market for a flat screen TV the amount of available manufacturers and models can be easily overwhelming. Letting the friendly sales representative at your local electronics store

Shopping Product Reviews> Electronics l 2 years ago

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