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Ryszarda Styczen

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I am as I always was hungry for learning it all. My multi language education and initial assignments as a tour guide and a translator allowed me to travel the world and interact with people without using a translator myself. It was priceless. I am amazed with the value of experience that can come from a simple heart to heart conversation. Yes, when the words are missing, hearts talk. As always, I admire students and teachers of life. I moved to America after completing my college education and started a new life, as if I was born again, different country, different culture, and different demands. I had an opportunity to fill a lot of shoes. I was a language teacher, worker, manager, department head, mother, wife, friend, shoulder to cry on. I worked in the field of education, travel, hospitality, politics, research and marketing, to name the most important ones. Today I feel obligated to share my life experiences and life purpose with others. My goal is to help people fully realize their potential, natural powers and their life purpose. I started writing when I was in grammar school. At that time it was mostly love stories. I still like love stories, but it is a different level of loving. When I don't work or write, I spend time gardening. Watching the growth, the development of the nature builds me up with the affirmation that all life forms are striving to reach their fullest potential, so people are not any different. My dream is to live in a house at a lake, within walking distance to the forest. I want to breathe in the magnificence of nature and breathe out the passion for life so others can be poisoned with it.

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Things don't love us back, people do. Simple reduction of needs and wants of life reduces the labors of life. Change your attitude; it is such a small thing with a profound power to make a difference.

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