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Alex Hunt

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Alex Hunt is a 37 year old Internet Marketing Professional from Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire UK. He has developed many successful internet products that have had over 100,000 downloads that are recognised around the world for their ease of use and functionality.

Alex is also owner of a website promotion company and helps new and established local and national companies compete for top search engine rankings. After running his own successful fishing tackle business, manufacturing products and working for some of the largest multinationals he now concentrates on IM, SEO and SEM.

An inventor at heart but with a flair for recognizing future trends 'well before they happen' give Alex a competitive advantage. However, teaching others to be successful and making people realise that they are exposed to opportunities every day is what drives his enthusiasm.

Hobby wise... Alex likes to work hard and play hard too. He enjoys a busy life and is an avid windsurfer and fisherman, His ambition is to catch a British or Irish record, The Blue Fin Tuna that runs to a whopping 1000kg!

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As GPS tracking and satnav devices become a more commonplace feature of our daily lives there are a few things you can look into or take note of when travelling or using a tracking system on your

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When considering acquiring a new piece of test equipment there are a number of factors you should seriously take into consideration before committing. The first will be whether you decide to buy or

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The use of Global Positioning Systems, GPS within cars these days is becoming more and more commonplace. Motorists are finding that their new car often comes ready equipped with Satnav and GPS

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There are lots of people who take great pleasure in trekking across the countryside and discovering new and remote places in the landscape. Here off-road vehicles fitted with GPS tracking and sat nav

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Acquiring new testing equipment can be quite a commitment because delicate pieces of machinery for analysing networks, power and spectrum, signal generators, digitised scopes and power meters do not

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Since the recent economic collapse many companies have been busy examining the way they operate and considering best practices to employ to keep costs down and save money. One of the sure fire ways

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GPS car tracking devices can broadly be divided into three categories: Sat Nav GPS navigation systems, GPS receivers and GPS trackers. While all three types of system carry out similar locational

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Fitting a GPS Tracking system helps Fleet Vehicle Managers offer assistance in a number of different ways. These small unobtrusive devices can be programmed to give real time feedback as to a

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