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Joseph C Kunz, Jr

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Kunz is a natural-born manager and entrepreneur. Circumstances and life forced Kunz to learn how to manage a home, family, and business even before becoming a teenager. Over time, he finally came to realize that he is one of those fortunate people that has discovered what he loves to do, gets to do it every day, and make money doing it.

Kunz has many years of experience as a hands-on, in-the-trenches, business manager. His practical advice, guidance, and insight has helped many other small-business owners to avoid costly mistakes, and also helped strengthen their businesses into more financially viable operations. Kunz is especially proud that he has also helped many other small-business owners learn how to balance their self-employed business life with their family life - and still be financially successful. Kunz believes that true wealth, success, and happiness can only be achieved by balancing our business life with the duty we have to our self and to our family.

Kunz learned about publishing while he and his wife Michele were building their medical training business. In order to help their students be more successful, and help them learn a large amount of information very quickly, the Kunz's learned how to publish books, study guides, pamphlets, and videos to help their students better understand the study material. These study publications became so popular that students and educators from around the country began asking for them. Because of their popularity, they decided to take the publishing to the next level by setting-up their own publishing company.

Kunz has been able to apply this business experience to his start-up publishing company that he created in 2003. Kunz wants to show his readers how they too can apply tried-and-true business, design, and editorial principles to self-publishing. Kunz believes that this is the surest way for his readers to also become financially successful and happy self-publishers.

Kunz received his BA in American Literature from Hofstra University; and his MBA in Business Management from Long Island University at C.W Post. He is now studying to get certified as a Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt.

"If you are serious about your work you should self-publish. Retain creative control. Retain the profits. Enjoy the satisfaction and status that comes with being published."

Visit Kunz's blog at KunzOnPublishing, for an insider's guide to becoming a financially successful and happy self-publisher.

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