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Ashok Malhotra

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Dr. Ashok Malhotra was born on 20th of July 1950 in Pune India. Later he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. He went on to do a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at the same Institute and then moved on to Canada where he obtained his doctoral degree in 1978 from the University of British Columbia. Dr. Malhotra has practiced his academic profession in several countries around the world as a Professor of Engineering. Since early 2001 he has worked in senior administrative positions (as the Director) of three different engineering colleges of India. Besides his technical profession, Dr. Malhotra has deep interests in human history, evolution and philosophy. He has published several general articles on the Internet and books besides his scientific publications that are available in reputed scientific journals.

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There has been a trend for many governments around the world to augment national budgetary resources by incurring debt. This debt is raised through deficit budgets supplemented by quantitative

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As wealth creation increases in the emerging markets of India and China the wealthy are looking for new avenues of investment and pleasure. An investment in art has emerged as one of these options.

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