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Paul K Reinig

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When Paul Reinig graduated from high school in 1971, he felt extremely lost and, lacking self-esteem, in February 1975 he join the Unification Church, founded by Sun Myung Moon, a Korean evangelist who believed he was the second coming of Christ. Paul allowed himself to be swallowed up into a lifestyle that dictated how he was supposed to think, his daily schedule, and his entire lifestyle. He spent the next 23 years serving Moon in the capacity of lecturing, fundraising, witnessing and traveling, both nationally and internationally.

After earning a BS in General Science in 1991 from Regents College in Albany, New York, he immediately entered the Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, New York and graduated in 1993 with a Masters Degree in Religious Education. At Seminary Paul experienced a crisis of faith that eventually led in 1998 to releasing Moon's truth and lifestyle as well as his Moon-chosen wife of 16 years.

Feeling extremely confused and vulnerable, Paul began a period of soul searching during which he came to the realization that loving himself meant to accept everything about himself, bar none. All his life he had been pushing away unwanted emotions, which always had the effect of giving them energy, causing them to inevitably return. He began honoring them, allowing them to be felt and if appropriate, expressed. This had the effect of allowing them to come to a natural resolution. Ultimately this had the effect of bringing his emotions into balance. The insights he gained through this process have the potential to help anyone who sincerely desires to develop a relationship with God and themselves, which he has also discovered are quite literally the same thing.

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