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Michael Lee

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Michael Lee is a master persuader, professional copywriter, self-improvement expert, and author of "How To Be An Expert Persuader... In 20 Days or Less." His persuasion course has helped tens of thousands of people to win more friends, captivate the opposite sex, instantly get liked and trusted, enjoy unlimited wealth, and easily persuade anyone to eagerly do anything they want.

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Knowing how to find your calling in life is everyone's goal. Being able to do so is necessary to live a happy and contented life. Some people have found their purpose early on; and they are the lucky

Articles Categories> Self Improvement l 2 years ago

Learning how to be approachable to people will open a lot of doors for you. If you are the timid type or someone who finds it difficult to connect with others, these 3 simple steps will help you

Articles Categories> Self Improvement l 2 years ago

What are the secrets of achievers? How do they become successful in almost everything they do? Are achievers really born and not made?

Self Improvement> Achievement l 2 years ago

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