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Rachel Hert

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For years I was lost in a storm of uncertainty and shyness. I was an absolute social pariah. Somewhere during all of that I learned that there was something deep inside me that desperately wanted out. I set out on a journey to show the world what I could be, but to do that I had to learn about people. Now people were always a mystery. I couldn't understand why they did what they did. It was like I stood on the edge of the ocean with only my toes wet trying to understand the depths of the sea. All I saw was the stormy waves that lapped at my feet, their grey tops impossible to penetrate with the naked eye. It wasn't until I found a mentor that gave me the tools to look beneath the surface that I began to understand. For the last two years I have gone on an amazing journey, learning about this strange and exotic place we call the human mind, and the more I learn, the more I understand the more I want to share what I now know with the hundreds of others out there who like me stand on that rocky beach wondering how they can ever be part of the ocean.

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Copywriting is all about people. You can learn every technique, every trick in the book, but it boils down to what you can do to attract the attention of REAL people. You can of course give all the

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