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Diana Vogel

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Hi, I'm Diana and I'm the mother of two wonderful boys. My eldest son was diagnosed with dyslexia 8 years ago. It was a shock to learn that he had what many people consider to be a "disability"..... Since then, through trial and error we have learned that he doesn't have a "disability" - he has an amazing gift. One that allows him to see the world in a very different way.

This realisation didn't come easily, and I have made many mistakes in the journey from then to now. I tried, unsuccessfully, to teach him English in the manner which I had been taught. It was a disaster. His confidence, which had already been severely eroded from 2 years of failing at school, was destroyed. I grew frustrated and angry and didn't understand at all why he couldn't learn. I knew that there had to be a better way.

After doing years of research, I began to understand just what dyslexia is. It isn't a "disability". It is simply a different way of storing and processing information - a learning difference. If I could teach him in a way that made sense to him (even if it didn't make sense to me) then he would learn to read and write and comprehend.

I found that if he could use his entire bodys' systems - touch, hearing, seeing, smelling (or the associated memory of a smell) and tasting (not so much this one but alphabet soup did have a role to play) then he learned quickly and easily. Once I understood that he needed to move to learn, that he needed to touch as well as hear and see, his lessons progressed quickly and his confidence with the English language soared.

I now have 11 Specialist Tutoring Centres helping children with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and other learning difficulties.

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