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Robert Gamble

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Member since: Mar 03, 2012

Robert Gamble is an internet marketer for various products that include Go Karts, Aquarium Accessories (RainForest Collection), Kids Toys. Currently, Robert is working on writing several books on Go Kart Building.

He also has over 25+ years of go kart design and building experience along with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Milwaukee School Of Engineering. He has conducted training courses in Finite Element Analysis, Go Kart Frame Design, and Engine Dynamics.

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What happens when you start changing the size of the rear tire and correspondingly increase the rear drive sprocket at the same time? Will the go kart suddenly go slower? Will the go kart not be able

Automotive> ATV l 2 years ago

The costs of everything are skyrocketing and it appears that the go kart of our dreams is not going to be a reality. Especially after you just priced out the components for a go kart drive system.

Automotive> ATV l 2 years ago

Unfortunately go kart accidents happen and usually end up with tragic results. The sad thing about it all is that the situations could have been avoided had the go kart drivers and owners been aware

Automotive> ATV l 2 years ago

The go-kart plan is so important for that first time go kart builder. When you put together your first go-kart from scratch you will greatly appreciate what a go-kart plan has to offer, from proper

Automotive> ATV l 2 years ago

You are all excited because now you have finally gotten that go kart you bought off of Craigslist running. But there is one big problem. The go kart doesn't move real well and the clutch smokes

Automotive> ATV l 2 years ago

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