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Jimmy Hall

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I am an experienced business writer and literary writer. I can help you or your organization with a variety of writing needs, including "search engine optimization," website writing, column-ads, ghostwriting, business projects, online writing, letters, reports, complaints, and even collegiate coursework, research, and organization.

I have published hundreds of columns, articles, short stories, web pages, poems, essays, and letters professionally. I would like to help you! / 404-580-1501

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What is an obituary? An obituary is a public notice of someone's death; but much more than that, it is a recognition of their life and contributions to mankind, God, and the world. This notice often

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The act of writing is a mystery to many people, especially readers. Most readers are left clueless and scared when the rare opportunity or obligation for them to write raises it's challenging head.

Writing & Speaking> Writing Articles l 2 years ago

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