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Dr. Lin Wilder

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I spent most of my life working at work and in school. Once I reached Hospital Director at a major academic medical center in New England and completed a doctorate in Public Health, I began wondering if there may be another way to live.

Fifteen years later, I wonder why it took me so long to learn that working for myself is far superior to working for another. Within the first couple of years in our business, our on-line business had grossed over 2 million is sales-verifiable by our accountant in Yerington, Nevada.

I have always loved to write and have published extensively in the fields of cardiovascular physiology, hospital administration and general management. And later when I converted to Catholic Christianity, I began to write for Catholic women's magazines on a variety of subjects.

I continue to love writing-especially about the challenges involved in working from home and all that the phrase entails: dealing with skeptical friends and relatives, developing a system to manage ourselves, how to self-motivate and avoiding some of the pitfalls of being a new business owner.

I have become quite passionate about the benefits of working from home and have decided recently to ramp up my writing in hopes that some of what I write may be useful to others looking for a better way to live without sacrificing a reasonable income.

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