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Flavio Martins

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Member since: Mar 03, 2012

Flavio is the Vice President of Customer Support at an award-winning, customer driven technology start-up.

He's a featured blogger, Customer Experience Management presenter, Customer Service speaker, and Customer Service fanatic.

Flavio blogs about Customer Service Management, Managing Customer Service Teams, and developing exceptional Customer Experiences.

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The successful Disney service model can be applied in any organization if management and team members are committed to creating magical experiences for their customers. The model isn't expensive or

Business > Customer Service l 2 years ago

It is a common slogan that customers are always right. That's just not true. Customer are wrong, a lot. But wrong customers are a great opportunity for your team and your company to provide great

Business > Customer Service l 2 years ago

Great customer service isn't hard. But you have to always know and train to recognize the needs of customers, ensure that the work we do actually is helpful, and present our work in a manner that is

Business > Customer Service l 2 years ago

Great service means paying attention to what's important in your customers' eyes. What really counts for the customer? Are you consistently trying to do those things that make it count? Are your

Business > Customer Service l 2 years ago

Having a successful customer service team isn't just about wanting to provide great service, it takes careful planning to make sure that the forces that potentially hold us back can be overcome or

Business > Customer Service l 2 years ago

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