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Marlene Devine

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Marlene Devine, So Squared Away's founder/owner, is one of those persons who knows and lives organization. Her business colleagues, friends, school groups, customers, and family count on her for organization. She has two middle-school kids, just finished a major kitchen/bathroom renovation, has more than 20 years of successful project management in government and industry, balances her husband's two-continent career, and still has time for physical fitness and maintaining close ties to her extended family and network of friends. Organization has given her the key to enjoy all aspects of life.

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Whether you live in an apartment without storage or a home that's short on closet space, your storage can be maximized by using the square footage under your bed. Depending on the size of the bed,

Self Improvement> Organizing l 2 years ago

As the world moves towards paperless solutions, there's a whole new way to be disorganized: getting lost in electronic clutter. It is possible be "e-organized" by applying some of the same rules you

Self Improvement> Organizing l 2 years ago

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