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Tracy Hoth has a contagious passion to share with women how organization and asking the right questions can help move thoughts into actions...dreams into reality! Through her hands-on-organizing, virtual clutter coaching, writing and speaking she inspires women to become who they are meant to be! Visit and receive her eBook "Organized...From the Car to the Bedroom" as her FREE gift to you.

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You've followed the steps of the SPASM acronym. SORTED - Putting like with like. PURGED - Concentrating on keeping ONLY the things you love, use and that enhance your life on a regular basis.

Self Improvement> Organizing l 2 years ago

First, you SORTED everything. The secret was to grab one thing at a time, putting like with like, until you were done!! Second, you went through each pile and PURGED concentrating on keeping ONLY the

Self Improvement> Organizing l 2 years ago

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