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Nealey Stapleton

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I absolutely adore organization and have my entire life. You could say I was born to organize...

At age 5, I was arranging my grandparents' shoes by size and color.

At age 10, I was helping friends line up their Barbies by preference and sorting the accessories by likeness.

At age 16, I was cleaning out my best friend's closet. (Now of course, this helped her, but you better believe I went home with some awesome items that she didn't want!)

At age 22, I was setting up my boyfriend's closet and teaching him how to maintain.

And now, I am a professional organizer helping my clients get and stay on track on a regular basis. I enjoy assisting others so much that I decided to create this website with the hope of supporting as many people as possible in improving their daily lives.

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Organizing a pantry is great for several reasons. First, it ensures you can find your food and other items. This means you can locate and use what you have in turn saving time and money!

Self Improvement> Organizing l 2 years ago

It's important to organize makeup for several reasons. First, it's nice to be able to find your beauty items when you need them (especially during the morning routine). Second, makeup can be costly

Self Improvement> Organizing l 2 years ago

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