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Anita Premkumar

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Anita Premkumar is a freelance writer. She is also a certified teacher of TOEFL from London Teacher's Training College. She has gained a deep insight and experience about children and their problems concerning health, nutrition, education, emotional and parenting issues from managing a preschool and nursery for several years. She writes for her blog on parenting, children and women's issues. Her other interests are yoga, painting, traveling and cooking. She reads voraciously and enjoys all types of books, especially on philosophy.

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During childbirth, the vaginal muscles undergo tremendous stress, getting stretched and pulled to allow your baby to slip out smoothly, on account of which the vagina tears. However, the doctor

Home & Family> Motherhood l 2 years ago

You have barely done with dealing with pregnancy issues and now you have a horde of postpartum issues to deal with. Blood Clots - or Lochia as it is also called is different from menstrual bleeding

Home & Family> Motherhood l 2 years ago

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